Recent publications and media contributions


Measuring the impact of forest edges on the highly arboreal Sahamalaza sportive lemur, Lepilemur sahamalaza, in north‑western Madagascar. Read it here:


Guest speaker on itv News, discussing the situation of Livingstone’s flying foxes in the wild. See it here:


Podcast guest for the German podcast “BUGTALES.FM”, Episode 8
Listen here:

IUCN SSC Bat Specialist Group (BSG) recommendations to reduce the risk of transmission of SARS-CoV-2 from humans to bats by cavers MAP: Minimize, Assess, Protect. Read it here:

Updated population density estimation and distribution range of the Critically Endangered Sahamalaza sportive lemur, Lepilemur sahamalaza. Read it here:


Sahamalaza Sportive Lemur, Lepilemur sahamalaza, Vocal Communication: Call Use, Context and Gradation. Read it here: https://www.kargercom/Article/Abstract/493939

Spatiotemporal distribution of individuals as an indicator for the social system of Lepilemur sahamalaza. Read it here:


The Effects of Climate Seasonality on Behavior and Sleeping Site Choice in Sahamalaza Sportive Lemurs, Lepilemur sahamalaza. Read it here:

Evaluating the Use of Vocalization Playbacks for Lure Counts of the Rare Nocturnal Sportive Lemur Lepilemur sahamalaza. Read it here:


I was invited to write an article for the Australian ‘Bare Essentials Journal’, talking about my research and fieldwork experience in Madagascar. Read it here:

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